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Here are just some of the services we can provide:

Legally based SEN Advice

Specialist SEN Support

Speech & Language Therapy: Assessment(s) & support

SEN Assessment(s)

Off-site Nurture Provision (KS2/KS3)

Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy

Nurture Group advice & Support

Staff Training

who are we?


Acacia Education Solutions Ltd is a not for profit organisation.
We are a caring and creative organisation.

Our Mission is to provide opportunities and a seamless response for children experiencing difficulties at school.

We offer strategies which enable children to engage, understand & experience positive change through a range of supportive solution focused services. We provide a professional, caring and supportive service to schools and other organisations in order to support children experiencing social, emotional and / or behavioural difficulties at school. Positive outcomes are achieved through a range of targeted & supportive services which focus on the child’s strengths, providing opportunities to build resilience and necessary skills to make progress.

Acacias work is carried out by a team of highly qualified, vastly experienced, highly motivated professionals who are committed to delivering the best quality service for your organisation.

Working with us transforms your organisations response to Inclusion and supports you in securing and maintaining that success for children.

information for families


Families know that Acacias roots are in the local community. We have worked hard to establish and grow our partnerships with families and community organisations.

Acacia offers free drop-in sessions and workshops where families can ask questions and find out specific information about Special Educational Needs (SEN) in relation to their child(ren).

We support families through our social purpose > Download our Leaflet


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news and resources

news and resources
One Response to “news and resources”
  1. Louise Gorman

    The very best thing about Louise is that she listened to us, believed us and empathised with our son. Oh, that’s 3 things – but they are the 3 most important things. Louise has an incredibly good grasp on S.E.N. law and both a human and professional approach. She has taken off so much pressure from the process that we can actually think about what is important for our child. Taking the ‘Statementing’ path is a very difficult one – and one which only parents who are desperate for their children to receive appropriate education would choose. Louise understands this, and has a wealth of experience to draw on when it comes to dealing with every bomb the Local Authority drop. Her understanding and compassion are second to none. Our ultimate aim is that our L.A. should pay for the most appropriate school for our son, as they do not provide education that can meet his needs. He has been out of school for almost 11 months (he is 9) because he is too terrified to go. We had reached the point where achieving our dreams of an appropriate school for our son seemed impossible, when we were introduced to Louise. This is a HORRIBLE process that has to be gone through and Louise has spotted all their mistakes when we have been at our absolute lowest. She has made it gentler for us. 100% for Acacia Education Solutions, I’d thoroughly recommend them. If anyone can make it happen, Louise can.