Monthly Archives: March 2013

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New Website for Acacia

Our new website is live! Please check it out and let us know what you think. Our website includes latest information and news on Acacia, testimonials and resources.

With thanks to Open Door Media for designing.


New Testimonial

A stands for approachable
C stands for child centered
A stands for acceptable practice
C stands for caring attitude
I stands for instant understanding
A stands for action.

Since instructing Acacia I have found such a sensible, caring educational approach to a wholly inappropriate situation between schools and other professional’s.. All the weight was instantly lifted off our shoulders with such an individualised professional approach.
We cannot stress enough how unique Acacia is in the area’s of Special educational needs, SENDIST Tribunal situation’s with both support and advice.
Acacia are simply brilliant, we would recommend Acacia to anyone especially to support people with Autistic/ASD children within their families.


New Plans for KS2 Provision

We are currently developing a new service for local Primary Schools which will incorporate an assessment of each child’s needs, off-site provision and family support. It is anticipated that children will attend our Woodland Classroom one day each week. We will be working flexibly and creatively with the children, their school and family to achieve the best possible outcomes for them through learning and fun activities.