who are we?


Acacia Education Solutions Ltd is a not for profit organisation.
We are a caring and creative organisation.

Our Mission is to provide opportunities and a seamless response for children experiencing difficulties at school.

We offer strategies which enable children to engage, understand & experience positive change through a range of supportive solution focused services. We provide a professional, caring and supportive service to schools and other organisations in order to support children experiencing social, emotional and / or behavioural difficulties at school. Positive outcomes are achieved through a range of targeted & supportive services which focus on the child’s strengths, providing opportunities to build resilience and necessary skills to make progress.

Acacias work is carried out by a team of highly qualified, vastly experienced, highly motivated professionals who are committed to delivering the best quality service for your organisation.

Working with us transforms your organisations response to Inclusion and supports you in securing and maintaining that success for children.